attraction by emiru-zvezdanut


attraction by emiru-zvezdanut



I recently saved up and bought myself a new tablet so I’ve decided to give one of my old ones away along with some of the PROMARKER markers I’ve accumulated! 
The winner will receive everything in the photos and I will ship internationally. 

I’m looking forward to seeing who the winner of this giveaway is so I can witness them using these supplies and do them justice!

✿ Mbf me 

✿ No giveaway blogs! 

✿ Must be comfortable giving me your address!
✿ Reblog as many times as you want! Likes do not count but are allowed! 

✿ The giveaway will end on the 1/Nov/14 & the winner will be picked with a random generator!


So I wanted to know if anyone could trade/ lend/ rent or give me the land for a big farm heck let me have it for a week if that matters I’m in desperate need of this bit of land to make the money i need to purchase apex if anyone is kinda enough i’ll share some of my produce. This includes the specail tree that grows archeum :3

So im currently debating making a one piece rp group [as i can’t find one] but naturally i’d like to make it abit different. I was thinking that it would in fact center on a particular land where the world goverment fears to tred. For reasons i havent worked out yet many escaped here, not realising where they were going everyone became trapped.
To escape? Well you might just have to die to do that.

On this land it is the land of the so called dead, the land of the departed a land that the living shouldn’t be in. But they are, because for a long time now the worlds been broken and whilst the dead can’t leave there was no way the goverment would risk their lives to close it off.

In this rp one of the themes is living and dead, so you actually have two characters to one blog. The idea being you would have one living for example Chopper and then a dead the dead can’t connect or have past with your living though so for example Lamy [laws sister] would work.

hmmm wonder if anyone would like this idea. i need someone to co-run it afterall.. dangoronpa


Adachi Tohru as a  Student. harrypotterdailly


Harry Potter might be returning x

decided to see if the words work and well theres actually not enough ‘y’ but only by one Y


First episode of Orenchi no Furo Jijō aired today and i’m in love someone stop me



The new trailer tells me that FFXV is the story of Noctis being babysitted by his hot friends. I love it. poshhutcherson

ANd theres a part of you going “Go ahead”


If Teddie made himself look like a bear so humans will like him, how do you think he looked before making that decision? Can you imagine a lil blob Shadow listening to human voices from the other side all day and trying to learn their language, being all self-concious about his appearance?


Um i’ve always believed Teddie was Nanakos Shadow, he’s always been very connected to her and i believe its his power that saves Nanako and his connection. Her recovery is connected to Teddies mental stability and acceptance.

Both of them try to tell themselves they are okay on their own that its fine its normal it show its supposed to be. Both become emotionally attached to Yu and came to a new point in their life. spookyao-arisu
i need to know more

i need to know more

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