apparently my favourite thing to draw lately is luffy with a shit eating grin


So, over three hours into a queue I finally get to around 400ish…. then I disconnect. I immediately try to go back in and it sets me to 700…. okay, fine… at least it wasn’t all the way to the back again.

Once I hit 400 again however I get disconnected once more and I reconnect even faster than…

Look I know your annoyed but everyones putting up with it, imagine the people that have paid into it. the games been out less than a week, 8 servers isn’t that bad, for the first week. we;re getting some more servers anyway. right now if its annnoying you so much I recommend you get out of the queue and let someone who can put up with the bullshit better ^_^

Everyones been getting disconnected today, already a few times for me, but as you’ve noticed we arent put to the back of the queue, i think thats a decent step forward if nothing else.


Alrightt so I finally decided to become a patron to help with the queue times and labor points..

I think its more the capacity, most people have chosen their server now and so a new one won’t help with the current ones if you know what i mean.
But it does help for those who are just coming in though i think they should make a temporary block for new characters on atleast 4 of the heavist servers [i know they’ve done something for the NA but the EU hasn’t got the same thing. if we want to stop the queues i’d say put people off getting it for now [but the queues can do tht quite well


Omfg, my server on ArcheAge is so full I’m in a queue with 2500+ people ahead of me, i’ve yet to receive a WoW Beta invitation and have nobody to play with in the regular game atm, and Neopets just came back from being down for maintenance for three days and won’t let me log on. 

Ffs why am I not allowed to play games rn. I was good today and got a ton of work on my projects and homework taken care of now I just want to relax

Ah i feel for you on the queueing front [i think they should put a limit to how many hours you can play a day until they can manage things better.

ANd I think everyone can’t log onto neopets atm =,= heck u cant even create a new account on it. hopes and prayers something will work later



holy frog



holy frog


This happened in Archeage this morning. He was dragging his boat through the countryside using the harpoon, ever so slowly.

This man is my hero. kurochi2480



Perfect! thefrogman



i shouldn’t have laughed as much as i did



I just want to share this here because we never posted it to the askblog, and I feel like everyone should know it was made.
Souji | P5 Protag


I just want to share this here because we never posted it to the askblog, and I feel like everyone should know it was made.

Souji | P5 Protag


I love how Prompto is considered a bad influence on Noctis.


So hes called Prompto interesting

Your move Square Enix


You made two semi-popular games Final Fantasy X & Final Fantasy cut scenes I mean XIII.. and gave them sequels.

Here is an idea.

Those rumors you ass clowns have been doing since VIII came out, about remaking FFVII; how about you DO THAT GAME and give it a sequel. Instead of making ass clown games that are only mildly fun and filled to the brim with cut scenes that make me want to stab my eyes out with how much time I wasted on those fuckers alone.

Its not as simple as that, If i remember correctly the writer for that game has left and they can’t release it without him as such as he has the end plot or something that effect. aimys

It's  been  a  long  time...

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